“I AM LOOKING FOR AN HONEST HUMAN BEING!” – we repeat just as Diogenes did. For “Ziferblat helpers”, we need happy, energetic, untiring, attentive to all forms of disorderliness, dexterous, and of an upbeat personality. We need those who are happy to see each and every guest, maintain the place’s cleanliness, and create the right atmosphere; people who are able to light up the place and be lights to others. We have a lot of work to do. We’re on the front-line. We won’t read all the details of your university degree or check your official employment record book; rather, we care about how open and friendly your smile is. You may find out more about this line of work full of adventure by asking any administrator of any Ziferblat location.

Additionally, since Ziferblat is “being fruitful and multiplying,” and since we’re flying all over the face of the Earth like messenger birds, we’re looking for someone to fill the position of administrator. He or she must be the good spirit of Ziferblat, be vivacious, attentive, and must love each detail, arrive first and leave last, must be able to use time wisely, set an example and create an atmosphere that our guests will value. In short – the administrator must be a living, breathing avatar of our idea. Tell us about yourself and send us your photo at this address: <a href=»»></a>