The Tree House

2014 has just started, but in Ziferblat’s life enough has happened to fill a few years to come — our name still resounds in the foreign press, enthusiastic reviews and offers to open Ziferblats come from all around the world. Every English newspaper has written about us — you can read an interview with Ivan Meetin in Time Out, Guardian, Evening Standart, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent and many others. This year we are certain to amaze the world with more great achievements.

We wish to celebrate this success. What could be better than remembering the beginning, the Treehouse. We have carefully kept this space through all these years and now we have decided to try yet another experiment, to open its doors for the dear friends of Ziferblat. We do not know how long this would last, perhaps a month… In any case, we would be happy to see you in our little, cute and cozy Treehouse, located right in the centre of Moscow, where you will be welcomed by the very best Masha, Ksusha and Fedya. Please be kind and caring towards them.

P. S. The court of the Treehouse has been cited in the Guinness Record book as the most quiet court in the world, so please keep it quiet down there. The one who breaks this calmness will have to deal with Unesco, who has recognized the silence of House 25’s court as the world’s heritage. Please keep silent the whole time until you enter the magic door of the Treehouse.